Under Construction

So, for some silly reason I decided to move my blog  … in the middle of the month.  More to come on this at a later date.  Just know that for now, we have a bit of construction going on right now so, as the saying goes, pardon my dust!

I’ll have some new content and a better design coming as soon as I learn WordPress better!


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A Very Special Birthday

In this house we do celebrations a little odd.  This year was a special birthday for my MiniPea: she turned 15 and her birthday is on the 15th – we call it her age birthday.  So I wanted to do something special – but of course it didn’t dawn on me until the day BEFORE her birthday!  Luckily she was gone that day so I could put a plan into action.

 MiliPea Designs | Scrapbook Design
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BDay Invite

 I had always hoped that when I had kids, I would be the kind of mom that my kid’s friends found something cool about.  I don’t need to be the mom that all the kids come to with all of their secrets to seek advice. I was always awkward and shy during my adolescence so I probably would be no help there.  But I just hoped I wouldn’t be the mom where the kids would be like, “Wow, your mom is so weird.  Let’s go to my house instead.”  I just hoped that there would be something about me that would make her friends say, “That’s kinda cool.”  I just never thought that it would be crafting that would be the “cool” thing about me.  It just goes to show that it really does pay to just be yourself.
 scrapbook box invitation pop up
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TBT: Scraproom Edition

I love my crafty space.  Its not a huge space, just a normal size bedroom.  I know so many people that don’t even have that, though and I am so thankful for what I do have – an entire room just for my crafting supplies.  When I think about where my crafting was 5 years ago, it makes me even more thankful for what I have now.  Wanna take a walk down memory lane with me?
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Trinkets Do Over

Don’t you just love unexpected little surprise gifts?  I received this wonderful paper pack from a dear friend of mine and it matches the colors in my craft room perfectly.  I had a few projects that needed a little refreshing so they would match the colors in my crafty space and this is the perfect paper.  Would you like to see what I did?

This is a paint can type canister I have that keeps my crafting stash.  I toss any loose money I find laying around the house in here.  When I go to the craft store or on a retreat its a little something to help fund my habit, so to speak.  These are the “before” photos.
 MiliPea Designs | Scrapbook Design
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TBT With A Twist

Don’t you just love all of the Throw Back Thursday posts out in social media?  It is a wonderful way to revisit our history, trends, and just sometimes have a good ol’ plain laugh at what we were doing – or even thinking!
To kick off the new year and keep my motivation going, I decided to add a little twist with my TBT post.  I want to share with you this project from December 2010.
MiliPea Designs | Altered Jar
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I’m A Planaholic

I am a planner freak.  I think we’ve established that already but I just wanted to reiterate for this particular post.  Why?  Because that is what this post – and my very first craft project of 2016 – is all about.
I have a few packages of Cricut sticker paper (don’t ask why, its the same reason I have a whole entire rainbow of vinyl I haven’t used, I just collect things).  When I got my new Plum Paper planner, I decided I wanted to try my hand at making some personalized planner stickers.  If you search Pinterest and Etsy there is an amazing amount of printables for planner stickers.  I had no idea I was missing out on so much!
I started with something I thought would be basic: Pay Day stickers.  Cute, little rain drop looking stickers with the words “Pay Day” on them to help me keep track of when I need pay those bills to stay organized.
MiliPea Designs | Scrapbook Design
Don’t they look pretty?  The problem came when I went to bed, then reopened the file. Apparently, its a pretty big file for Design Space to handle.  So, this is actually the remade file. Here’s my tip for you:  delete any images that are on the mat but not showing (have the “eye” with a slash through it).  I flattened everything.  Then attached everything.
MiliPea Designs | Scrapbook Design
The last problem I had was the setting when I went to cut.  I used the Sticker Paper (Cricut) setting and for some reason it did not go all the way through.  I’ve had some of this paper for a while and it seemed pretty thick to me.  I tried the Printable Vinyl setting (the sticker paper said it was 2mm and the Printable vinyl was 3mm so I thought it was logical).  Still not going all the way through the sticker part.  Finally, I decided to just try Light Cardstock and that did the trick.
MiliPea Designs | Scrapbook Design
I know it may seem like a disease to some but I get great enjoyment putting my little stickers in my planner and making it all organized for this year.  I’m only sad I didn’t plan better – my new planner starts in Februay, not January.  I kind of messed that one up a bit.
Have you done any pre-planning for the new year?  Any quirkiness involved?  Please share and let me know I’m not alone! LOL!
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Welcome to 2016

MiliPea Designs | Scrapbook DesignSeems like its been forever since we’ve had a chat, doesn’t it?  I do apologize for that but you know how life tends to get in the way at times.  I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, whatever the holiday that you celebrated.
As is the tradition around this house, most of yesterday morning was spent taking down Christmas decorations.  I find it is easiest to corral them all on the kitchen table and then package them up.
 Now that Christmas is all packed up the house looks rather bare.  Just means its time to dust of the Cricut and make some Valentine decorations!
What is your method to boxing up your decorations?  Do you carry a tote around the house and pack as you go?  Corral them like I did?  Or just kinda wing it?
I hope 2016 finds you well and brings only wonderful things your way!
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Happy Belated Pop-Ups

I am honored to say I am good friends with an amazing crafter, Debbie O’Neal.  If you are not familiar with her work, you should be.  She is an administrator on the Let’s Learn Cricut Explore Facebook group, teaches online classes, has her own blog, Scrap Me Quick Designs, does a multitude of things with Cricut and the list goes on and on and on.
One of the things she posted a looonnnggg time ago on her blog is a tutorial for a Pop-Up card. This is a gem of a card that is so adaptable for any occassion.  It folds flat so you can mail it easily.  This is what it looks like folded flat:
 MiliPea Designs | Pop Up Card
But when the recipient opens it up, this is what they get….
 MiliPea Designs | Pop Up Card
Isn’t that lovely?  This is especially nice if you need a little something extra to get you out of the dog house (like me!) for being notoriously late (just for the out of towners – sorry Joey, Aunt Milissa really does love you!!!)
I also may have missed my sister-in-law’s birthday….
MiliPea Designs | Scrapbook Design
… and mistakenly lost her Mother’s Day card (there’s no proof, though, so I’m not admitting anything, just covering my bases).  Same family so they are probably used to it by now.
 MiliPea Designs | Scrapbook Design
But it does go to show how versatile this card is.  All this designed by the Fabulous Debbie O’Neal.  So do you want to see what other fabulous stuff you can learn from Debbie?  Well you are in luck!  Every other month she holds an online crop called Diva Days and registration is open RIGHT NOW!!!  To register just follow this link.  I promise you won’t be sorry and you will learn some wonderful techniques using your Cricut Explore.
So, tell me I’m not the only one… is there someone you consistently forget, not on purpose, on your birthday list – or any special occassion?
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Winner Winner

I bet you thought I forgot, didn’t you!?  No, not I!  I would never forget to post a winner.  I might, however, forget to hit the “publish” button. LOL!
On to the reason you are here today….using a highly scientific method (an Excel spreadsheet to track the comment and random.org) here is the winner of the blog relauch gift:
“Love the card you made for your brother! “
— Jennifer Stauffer 6 days ago
Jennifer, I’ll get in touch with you to get your prize package!!!
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