Thursday, May 28, 2020

June Bujo (continued)

Just popping on real quick to show you the rest of my June weekly spreads for my Bujo!

I decided I was going to alternate ink colors.  For the first week in June, I did the weeks in Distress Inks Abandoned Coral and the lists in Twisted Citron.  So I flipped that for the second week.  I decided I did not like the days colored in so I just used the opposite color to highlight the day of the week in the date box.
For the third week, I flipped it again and really like how it is coming along.
For the fourth week, I did another flip but this time I used the yellow to highlight the day in the date box.  I decided I liked this better as the yellow really is only used as an accent color and I feel this ties out the theme better.  
You’ll notice I have not finished the top portion of the weekly spreads yet.  I wasn’t completely happy with how the first one came out and want to practice some lettering first.  

Do you bullet journal?  Have any tips for me?  I’m still on the lookout for a good dual tip marker so leave me a comment if you have any suggestions!

Until next time,

Monday, May 25, 2020

Bujo Weekly Spreads

Good morning bloggerville!  Let me start by first thanking all of those military who lost their lives during service to our country and their families.  Memorial Day seems to be one of those holidays that get lost in the shuffle of everyday life.  I don’t feel that it ever gets the attention it deserves.

I took advantage of the extended weekend to get a jumpstart on my June layout for my bullet journal (bujo - such a cute little nickname!).  I had been searching Pinterest for just the right weekly spread for me and stumbled across this article.

I decided I didn’t really want a monthly spread as I feel it is repetitive. Unfortunately, I mis-measured and mis-counted on my first weekly spread.  Instead of tearing it out or glueing pages together, I decided to embrace my one little word for 2020 - progress, not perfection.

What I was looking for was something that had room to do my meal planning as well as any appointments or specific calendar items.  I also wanted this to leave room for my a chore list and habits list, as well as a to do and to purchase.  I know, a tall order, but I think I will be happy with this.

I did realize very quickly, though, that my ink was bleeding through.  Luckily I left a couple of blank pages for my monthly cover page.

 I completed all of my weekly spreads before I decided on a theme for June.  In the end, I decided to just go with some flowers.

Then it was time to go back and do the top of my first weekly spread.  One of my goals this month is to start practicing some lettering.  I’m great with Word and coming up with printed fonts, but not so much with altering my own handwriting.  I’d really like to work on that.
 For my color palette for June, I’m using Close To My Heart inks in Honey, Pear and Sorbet.  For markers, I realized my daughter had destroyed a lot as her younger self.  She used to write very heavy!  So I ended up with ShinHan Touch in Y222 and Tim Holtz Distress Markers in Twisted Citron and Abandoned Coral.
 The stamp sets I’ll be using are Close To My Heart Beloved Bouquet and It’s the Little Things.
I’ll give this spread a couple of weeks to see how it works for me before I start on July’s.

Let me know if you have any tips/tricks!

Until next time,

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

List Lover Discovery (Part 2)

A couple of months ago a friend suggested I try a bullet journal.  You can read more about how the trip down that rabbit hole began here.  I have become obsessed with Pinterest bullet journal ideas.  My board “Journal-y Stuff” is quickly getting large.

In my search I found this habit tracker and wanted to do something similar for my habit tracker.  I decided I would use my Vicki Boutin honeycomb stencil and ink to make mine, thinking it would go a lot quicker.

I’m pretty happy with how it came out.  My only complaint is that on the bottom right grid, I got a little heavy with the ink and it bled through the page.

I’ll have to figure out a way to cover that up.  Now, let’s talk about notebooks while we are on the subject on bleed through.  I have discovered since I purchased my Leuchtturm 1917 that I need to look for a notebook that has a higher gsm for the paper.  So, sitting in my Amazon cart right now is a Scribbles that Matter notebook.  

I think I am going to go ahead and pull the trigger on this purchase and keep my Leuchtturm as a practice layout book.  

Ok, check back over the weekend to see what progress I’ve made with my Masha Plans class! It is truly inspirational!

Monday, May 18, 2020

List Lover Discovery (Part 1)

I love planners.  I love lists.  I love checking things off of a list.  I will literally add something I have just completed to my To Do list just so I can have the satisfaction of marking it complete.  I know, a little overboard, but hey, that’s me.  I have tried several different planners over the years and, as my life has evolved, so have my planner needs.

During a discussion with one of my best friends about how my current planner wasn’t working for me (only a month into it) and I couldn’t find one that struck me as useful, my friend suggested I try a bullet journal.  This is a new trend where you basically build your own planner or journal each month with the items you need.  There are a ton of resources on Pinterest for this.  It can be a little overwhelming, but I decided to give it a try.

I started with a monthly layout and decided on a honeycomb theme.  Perhaps a little too ambitious for the first time out.  It was more time consuming that I wanted and with the days staggered, it is a bit confusing to use for planning the month.

I am happy with the general layout and look of this spread.  But in the future I doubt I would use a layout like this where the days are staggered.  It is just confusing to me for planning purposes.

One of the many reasons I thought A bullet journal would fit my needs is for the routines I want to get better at keeping.  So that is the page I worked on next.

Another thing I realized is that for my routines I would prefer being able to check them off each day.  I suppose that goes back to my whole list-loving-check-box-completed obsession.

And that is when I stumbled upon this free class  from Masha Plans.  I am thoroughly enjoying it!  I am a few days in to the course and have discovered a wealth of inspiration.

I’ll be back later in the week with more progress from my class!

Until next time!

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Send Cheer, Spread Cheer

This little bit of history we are living through right now is scary.  I am not an overly anxious person and I truly feel for those that have bad anxiety. I do not think there is one person that can truly say this pandemic has not affected them in some way.  There are many organizations trying to lift spirits.

While watching Hallmark channel one day, I say an advertisement that if you go to the Hallmark website they will send you 3 cards to send to others.  When I received my cards, I immediately had an idea of how I could help brighten people’s moods a bit.

So to all my crafty friends out there, I challenge you:  #SendCheer, #SpreadCheer.  The concept is easy - make a card and send a spare for the recipient to send to someone.

I selected 10 people that I have sent cards to along with a spare card for them to send to someone else.  I made it simple on myself and chose two layouts and made 10 of each.  Below is the card that I wrote a short message to my recipients.
On the left is the card front, using the Garden Tags stamp of the month from Close To My Heart to create the tag, then adding a few embellishments.  I used a technique from Vicki Boutin to watercolor the background of the stamp before I stamped it with the tag stamp.  On the right I used another Close To My Heart stamp set, Have A Happy Day, for a simple sentiment.

For the one for my recipient to send out themselves, I used the same technique for the tag to cover a piece of watercolor paper and create an entire background.  Then I used the Close To My Heart Let’s Stay Home set to stamp a sentiment in the bottom right corner.
I used the same Have A Happy Day set for the inside sentiment also.  This card looked pretty without the sequins and rhinestones but I wanted to add a little something to make it special.

I put these in the little cellophane bag and added a sticker to the back explaining my intentions.
I’m really excited to get some feedback once these go out in the mail on Monday!

So here is my challenge to you:  if you are a crafty person, make cards and send a spare as I have done.  If you are not crafty, next time you go to the store to get your groceries, pick up a card to brighten someone’s day.  

Post on social media using the hashtag:  #SendCheerSpreadCheer and let’s lift each other up!

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Stash Busting

I have always loved making paper crafting kits.  It was a kit club that got me started scrapbooking those many years ago.  I had a brief stint on the design team of the Counterfit Kit Blog, which helped feed my love of kitting.

With the stay at home orders in place with the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided this was the perfect time to make a game plan to use up some of my collected (aka never used) scrapbooking lovelies.  During my brief stint as a Close To My Heart consultant, I acquired quite the stamp collection - and I'm not a huge stamper.

I decided to start there.  I took the stamps that I haven't used or only used once or twice and divided them up into stacks.  I ended up with 5 stamp sets per stack.

Next, I tackled my Close To My Heart ink pads.  I split those up into complimentary stacks of 5 each.

I put the stamp sets into a resealable bag with a sheet of paper.  On the paper, I wrote the month the stamp sets should be used and listed the ink colors to use that month.

Then I used one of my ThirtyOne totes to store all the packaged up stamp sets and placed them in a visible spot in my craft room.
I started with the month of April since March is almost over but I couldn't wait to get started.  When I sat down to create with my newly created April mini kit, I realized I should also add some washi to these kits.
I stamped up some embellies to use over the next few weeks.  I even played with my watercolors on one of the stamped images.
What are you doing these trying times to keep your sanity?

Stay safe and happy crafting!

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Progress In The Little Things

There is this online class I've taken for the past few years that I absolutely love.  But I'm going to admit this right here right now:  I'm a terrible online student!  I am.  I never seem to finish online classes.  Once, after my first child was born I thought I'd go back to school and get my degree in accounting.  That was when they were just beginning to offer online classes.  My very first class cost $500 - and that didn't include the book.  I would sit in the spare room after she fell asleep, while my husband watched TV and study.  It got old really quick and all I wanted to do was go to bed.  I don't even think I made it to my first test.

Over the years I've gotten better, but I still fizzle out before completion.  This year I am determined to finish this class through.  What class is it?  It is Ali Edwards' One Little Word.  The premise is you select a word - or a word chooses you - to help guide you through the next year.  Some of my previous words have been:  believe, choose, sparkle, nurture, and just last year, journey.

This year I was driven more by a phrase than an actual word:  Progress, Not Perfection.  I feel as I am getting older I am getting more bogged down with the little details, and as a result, not getting the results I want.  This year my goal is to just reach my goals.  Not worry about every detail being perfect.

My first test came while actually creating the first page for my album.
Its hard to see, I know.  And this is the kind of thing that would normally bog down my process.  There are two little spots where the adhesive smeared and they show up on the acrylic page.  As I was using some Undo to try to get these spots off, it struck me that I was wasting precious crafting time on something no one would notice but me.  I literally stopped in my tracks, threw away the paper towel and snapped this photo.  So what does the finished page look like?
I really love the way it came out, smeared adhesive and all!  So what about the other pages for January?  Again, not perfect, but completed so I'm happy.  And as I look back over them, I love the way they came out.

I'm off to start working on my February prompt now - a vision board!  This is where I quit last year.  This year, I'm looking forward to this one.  I've already purchased the magazines and starting cutting out photos.  

What about you - have you ever taken an online class of any kind?  How do you feel about online learning versus a physical classroom setting?  

Until next time, happy crafting!

Saturday, January 5, 2019


Happy New Year!  Hope you had a wonderful holiday season.

I love the beginning of a new year as it feels like a fresh start.  I know there are plenty of us on this happy little planet that make the same resolutions each year, myself included, and have very little follow through.  I have made a commitment to myself to not let this year like one of the many that have come before.

There are big changes going on in my life right now, some good, some scary, and some are just the natural order of things.  It's this last one that I struggle with the most.  I've never been one to resist change but at the same time I've never been one to fully embrace what goes away when change happens.

Along those lines, I am once again going to play along with Ali Edwards' One Little Word class.  This year, however, I am committing to actually "doing the work" and fully embracing my word.  The concept is simple, if you are not familiar with OLW:  choose one word (or acknowledge the one word that has chosen YOU) and invite that word into your life.  The idea is to embrace this word to help manifest whatever it is you want to achieve for the coming year.

Every year I choose a word but I don't have much follow through.  This year I have made a commitment to myself to be an active participant with my word, to fully embrace it, and to see where it takes me.  My word for this year is JOURNEY.

I chose this word because there are many changes I want to make in my life this year and I realize that in order to accomplish these changes I first need to acknowledge that this isn't going to be a quick fix, one and done scenario.  I recognize that this is going to be an ongoing process and I believe the word JOURNEY pays proper respect to this revelation.

I'm all about using up what I have (since I've collected a whole store's worth of supplies over the years).  I decided to use this Close To My Heart Album that I have had for a couple of years now.  I love the colors in it and I had a ton of journaling cards that I purchased with the album.

I've already completed my cover page:

That little "Remember" pocket holds the goals I have for this year.  There are a couple in there that will be quite the challenge.  But I believe I'm up for it.

So let me know: 

  • Will you be playing along with OLW?  
  • Do you make resolutions or set goals for the new year?
Until next time, 

Sunday, October 28, 2018

A Happy "Fix"

Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere.  A little about me:  I am a traditional 12x12 paper scrapbook artist that likes to experiment with mixed media and make cards with my scraps.

I've had a blog before and gave it up (without backing it up - silly me) because life got in the way.  While I didn't have a large following, I did missthe writing part of blogging.  So I decided to give it another try.  Let's just jump right in, shall we?

I am a big fan of Vicki Boutin and try to follow along each week when she does her Facebook Live videos.  I may not always create something wonderful, but it does get me outside my box a bit.  If you don't know who Vicki Boutin is, or maybe you do and just have not ever tried your hand at mixed media, I urge you to check her out Vicki Boutin.

This past Friday Vicki's Facebook Live video utilized her art crayons in the neutral set, sencils, and her glaze.  I only have the rose gold glaze, but in the video she combined the gold glaze with the rose gold glaze combined to create a beautiful champagne color.  I added some butterscotch alcohol ink to my rose gold to see if that would give me a similar color.  While it didn't produce the color Vicki had, it did give me a beautiful gold tone that went well with the color palette of the neutral art crayons.

Here's a comparison of something with the rose gold versus what I combined with the alcohol ink.  You can see the contrast below.  I think next I'll try mixing in another color.  This opens up a whole new world of possibilities!  

Now I think I just have to have the white irridiscent glaze!!!

What about you?  What little "fix" did you stumble across that you think you might enjoy again and again?

Until next time, create something beautiful!