Saturday, February 8, 2020

Progress In The Little Things

There is this online class I've taken for the past few years that I absolutely love.  But I'm going to admit this right here right now:  I'm a terrible online student!  I am.  I never seem to finish online classes.  Once, after my first child was born I thought I'd go back to school and get my degree in accounting.  That was when they were just beginning to offer online classes.  My very first class cost $500 - and that didn't include the book.  I would sit in the spare room after she fell asleep, while my husband watched TV and study.  It got old really quick and all I wanted to do was go to bed.  I don't even think I made it to my first test.

Over the years I've gotten better, but I still fizzle out before completion.  This year I am determined to finish this class through.  What class is it?  It is Ali Edwards' One Little Word.  The premise is you select a word - or a word chooses you - to help guide you through the next year.  Some of my previous words have been:  believe, choose, sparkle, nurture, and just last year, journey.

This year I was driven more by a phrase than an actual word:  Progress, Not Perfection.  I feel as I am getting older I am getting more bogged down with the little details, and as a result, not getting the results I want.  This year my goal is to just reach my goals.  Not worry about every detail being perfect.

My first test came while actually creating the first page for my album.
Its hard to see, I know.  And this is the kind of thing that would normally bog down my process.  There are two little spots where the adhesive smeared and they show up on the acrylic page.  As I was using some Undo to try to get these spots off, it struck me that I was wasting precious crafting time on something no one would notice but me.  I literally stopped in my tracks, threw away the paper towel and snapped this photo.  So what does the finished page look like?
I really love the way it came out, smeared adhesive and all!  So what about the other pages for January?  Again, not perfect, but completed so I'm happy.  And as I look back over them, I love the way they came out.

I'm off to start working on my February prompt now - a vision board!  This is where I quit last year.  This year, I'm looking forward to this one.  I've already purchased the magazines and starting cutting out photos.  

What about you - have you ever taken an online class of any kind?  How do you feel about online learning versus a physical classroom setting?  

Until next time, happy crafting!