Saturday, April 18, 2020

Send Cheer, Spread Cheer

This little bit of history we are living through right now is scary.  I am not an overly anxious person and I truly feel for those that have bad anxiety. I do not think there is one person that can truly say this pandemic has not affected them in some way.  There are many organizations trying to lift spirits.

While watching Hallmark channel one day, I say an advertisement that if you go to the Hallmark website they will send you 3 cards to send to others.  When I received my cards, I immediately had an idea of how I could help brighten people’s moods a bit.

So to all my crafty friends out there, I challenge you:  #SendCheer, #SpreadCheer.  The concept is easy - make a card and send a spare for the recipient to send to someone.

I selected 10 people that I have sent cards to along with a spare card for them to send to someone else.  I made it simple on myself and chose two layouts and made 10 of each.  Below is the card that I wrote a short message to my recipients.
On the left is the card front, using the Garden Tags stamp of the month from Close To My Heart to create the tag, then adding a few embellishments.  I used a technique from Vicki Boutin to watercolor the background of the stamp before I stamped it with the tag stamp.  On the right I used another Close To My Heart stamp set, Have A Happy Day, for a simple sentiment.

For the one for my recipient to send out themselves, I used the same technique for the tag to cover a piece of watercolor paper and create an entire background.  Then I used the Close To My Heart Let’s Stay Home set to stamp a sentiment in the bottom right corner.
I used the same Have A Happy Day set for the inside sentiment also.  This card looked pretty without the sequins and rhinestones but I wanted to add a little something to make it special.

I put these in the little cellophane bag and added a sticker to the back explaining my intentions.
I’m really excited to get some feedback once these go out in the mail on Monday!

So here is my challenge to you:  if you are a crafty person, make cards and send a spare as I have done.  If you are not crafty, next time you go to the store to get your groceries, pick up a card to brighten someone’s day.  

Post on social media using the hashtag:  #SendCheerSpreadCheer and let’s lift each other up!